How to Swap the Coil on a CTX 3030 – Easy Way Without a Spare Shaft

What’s up, it’s Prospector Phil and today we’re just going to do a quick video to show you how to easily swap the coil on your CTX3030 without having a spare shaft.  The shaft here is pretty pricey, new they’re about a hundred and seventy five dollars new, I think.

Your beginning metal detectors cost less than that so needless to say, I don’t have a spare shaft so I’m just going to show you a quick and easy way to swap them.

First thing you want to do is collapse your metal detector all the way.  And we’ll just open up this back here, but I don’t need to open it all the way, just enough to access the plug right there.  Go ahead and unscrew that.  Ok so we unscrew that, push it forward a little bit.  Now we just unscrew the coil here, get it off and pull it out… and we put the new one in and once that first part goes in, this will slide right in.

where should this very good slide right now go ahead slide that on line your coil up and screw it in place.

Once that’s screwed on you can just take this and just push that right up.  Notice there’s my little plug.  Now, there’s not really a trick to get this but if you look at the plug it’s got a little bump on it.  You basically want that bump facing straight up.  So with it facing straight up, that goes on, screw it in place.

Go ahead, slide your arm rest off (oops!), slide it back together and, there we go.

And that’s a fairly quick and simple way to switch a coil on your CTX without having to have an expensive spare shaft.

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