CTX 3030 Cherry Picking Pennies and Dimes Metal Detecting in Heavy Trash

It’s almost getting dark.  I’m going to show you a good strong signal I’m getting here.  This is one that I always dig.  12-40…Let’s dig it up and find out what’s there.

Well, there it is right there.   it just fell right out of the bottom of the plug.

Meh, it’s a modern one but that’s the type of signal you always wanna dig. 1980 copper penny. That signal’s going to be a copper penny, or a modern dime or possibly a wheat penny, possibly a silver dime.

12-42, 12-43 range on the CTX 3030.  Always dig it, always fill your hole.  Can’t even see it, you would never know!! Muh-huh, hah, mahah.

Oh by the way get one of these, they’re frickin awesome!!  (Digging tool)


I’m back from cherrypicking the 12-42 and up signal with my CTX and it was getting dark so I was only out there for about an hour but you can see here what I found.

These are the signals that come in 12-42, 12-43.   Bunch of copper pennies here from mostly the seventies, a few modern dimes from the seventies, eighties, and nineties. One from each decade… and then 8 stinkers and ooh… “Otis Forever”.  And, uh, dug that (pull tab) because I was sure it was a nickel but sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t.  But you know what, that was actually the only piece of trash I dug so for a […] eight cents worth of stinkers cherry-picking the 12-42 signal with the CTX.

Happy prospecting!  Hope you enjoyed the video.

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