Prospector Phil’s Lightweight Portable Gold Sluice Design and Development

What’s up YouTube-a-boob-aloobers?!

So I’m going to show you a couple of makeshift, or portable sluices that I’ve been working on here.  This one here I just took some miner’s moss and stuck it in there and I’ve actually got a couple layers in there… this is that shelf backing stuff.  Probably needs a couple more rivets in it but…  I put this rubber matting here at the top.  Anyway, the idea is to take it, and you can just roll it up and you got yourself a portable sluice there.  Take it anywhere and then… (focus… focus… focus)

Here’s the other lightweight sluice I came up with.  This one just doesn’t have the miner’s moss and under this shelving it has a layer of burlap glued in there and riveted along the sides.  Up at the top… I’ll have to Jimmy-rig this a little bit… rivet that in place right there and then there… stick one of them on each side.  This one here you can see, just how thin and lightweight it is.  This is just something you can stick in a stream, pack it anywhere and see what it catches.

So there they are, the two different designs.  We’ll see how they work out.  Dan’s working on one too.  Of course, he’s a genius so his are 3D printed… well they got 3D printed riffles on them.  You know, it’s all fancy while I’m just slapping something together here… it’s a good thing I don’t actually have duct tape on these.  But I gotta try something…


Thumbs-up, thumbs-down.