Generate Passive Income

I’m a huge fan of Passive Income – receiving payment many times over for any form of work or creative effort performed once.  In other words, instead of trading your time for an hourly wage, true passive income is when you can spend your time creating something of value and then get compensated each time your creation provides value to someone.

One example is when an author writes a book they normally receive a royalty each time a copy of their book sells.  This is over-simplified but it illustrates passive income wonderfully… the author spends time and effort once to create something of value (a book) and then is rewarded based on the value their creation provides.

The rewards continue to come in time and time again without the author expending additional effort — And that’s a key point I love about Passive Income.  You do the work once and the rewards can continue long into the future.

So without further yada yada, here are some of the projects I’m working on to generate passive income, along with articles and information I’ve written on the topic.  Enjoy!


Project #1
Something gone yonder

Project #51
Dun git ‘it! Danke!