My name is Phil Stewart, aka, Prospector Phil.  I’m the quintessential “Jack of All Trades, Master of None” and have spent most of my life hopping from one job to the next, one hobby to another, following whatever suited my fancy at the time.  It can be a whole mess of fun, stinky, greasy fun!  But more often than not I found myself feeling frustrated and unfulfilled as life passed by.

For the longest time I felt as though my life’s shortcomings were due to being interested in way too many topics while never being able to commit to any of them.

But, over years of growing and maturing and taking a keen interest in personal development, self-fulfillment and genuine happiness, a common thread began to emerge…


Everything in life is a treasure hunt…

…and I frickin’ rock the world when it comes to finding treasure!!


Think about it for a minute… Most of our lives are spent SEARCHING for something, be it money, stuff, love, approval, god, happiness, whateves.  We never seem to reach the destination; instead, we are always struggling, always searching, always… TREASURE HUNTING!!

Even if it’s on a sub-conscious level, the search is on to find our own calling, our own TRUE PURPOSE in life.  Sometimes this search has been suppressed and neglected for so long that we no longer hear the calling but trust me, it’s still there.  We are all meant to find our purpose, it quietly beckons if only we’re willing to listen.

Finding your calling in life brings balance and harmony not only to you, but the universe as well… and we all should know by now that nature abhors a vacuum.


That’s where I come in…  after 37 years of feeling like an average Joe with no real purpose or direction, it dawned on me like a bacon-filled epiphany: I really am a Jack-of-All-Trades, Master of None… and I’m really, REALLY good at it.  Like 10th Degree Warlock level good!  So good that I also realized it’s a selfish crime to not help others by sharing what I know.

This is the only time you will ever hear me brag (after all, you don’t reach 10th Degree Warlock Jack-Master without bragging rights).  I do it for one reason, to show you that I am serious about what I’m doing and that involves helping you make money and finding your own true purpose in life.

I can show you more ways to make money than could be accomplished in a dozen lifetimes… Making money is stupidly simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Instead, my goal, and thus the goal of this website is to give you the tools and knowledge necessary to not only make money, but to find greater fulfillment in your own life, desires, dreams, and goals.


Life is one big treasure hunt, so let’s get started, shall we?


— Prospector Phil